What is Virtual Interior Design? 6 Things You Need to Know About It

Virtual interior design is just what it is – traditional interior design, done virtually. Some people also refer to it as E-design. Virtual design is a service that’s offered remotely, wherever you find yourself on this planet.

To help you understand better what this service is all about, here are a couple of important points you need to know about virtual design.

1. It is easily accessible

This is probably the most beautiful thing in my opinion about virtual design. You can have access to it wherever you are. I have clients in Africa, Europe, and here in the US, out of my state. If they like my work, they can simply reach out to me by filling out this contact form and once I receive it, we’ll go on a 15 mins discovery call, to see how I can help them out.

what is virtual interior design? corine phillips interior designer on laptop

2. It is cost-effective and affordable

Virtual design avoids you from making costly mistakes because you have a clear direction on where to go once you receive your design package. In addition to that, unlike traditional interior design which can add up pretty fast in hourly charges, virtual design has a fixed flat rate per room and that is something to take advantage of.

3. It is fun and safe 

The fun part about virtual design is it creates opportunities for you, to do things yourself, tap into your creativity, and learn about design in the process. And the safe part is, with the design recommendations you receive from your designer, you’re confident knowing that the direction you’re taking is the right one.

4. It takes out the pressure off your project

I’ve had some virtual design clients who were not ready at the moment to design their home, so what this service does is, once they receive their design package, it’s now up to them to go ahead with buying their items at once or over time. Traditional design, on the other hand, purchases, and decisions making can greatly affect your project timeline, thus your project cost.

interior design plans and color swatches for virtual interior design

5. It is dreamy and shareable

I’m a little biased here but 3D renderings are my favorite thing about virtual design. Renderings are photo-realistic and help you project yourself into the future. Plus, you can share your designs with your loved ones, to show them what you’re about and to show off a little bit too! Ha! If you’re in the process of redesigning a room in your home, I recommend you check my one-room makeover service. I guarantee you’ll come out very satisfied.

6. It has a quicker turnaround time

Virtual design projects are usually at a smaller scale of one room at a time, making it faster for your designs to be completed. And trust me, it feels so good to see your home coming together one room at a time. I usually give it 30-45 days to submit my client’s designs, along with their shopping list and recommendations, so that they can start setting up their space.

Take a look at all my virtual design services, and I’d be happy to help you out. Please don’t hesitate to share this post with your loved ones. I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

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