The Top 3 Reasons Why Hiring an Interior Designer is Worth Your Investment

I recently made a survey where I asked a bunch of people if interior design was something, they thought was important. More than 90% answered yes, but once I got to know if they will be open to actually hiring an interior designer, the percentage dropped to 40%.

So, I figured, some people may not know or understand the value in hiring an interior designer for their homes.

top reasons for hiring interior designer

Below are my top 3 reasons why you should hire an interior designer:

1. You will save time and money.

Renovating or making over a home is quite a lengthy process, I must be honest. People usually see the end result – beautiful pictures on Instagram or Pinterest – but what they ignore is the behind-the-scenes, from taking measurements, photos, sourcing out the right contractors or furnishings, in some cases having to deal with delays, and etc. Most people do not always have the patience to deal with these steps and they may end up stopping in the middle of a project, just to realize all the time and money they have probably wasted as well. I have seen it with my Dad time and again.

There is a considerable financial advantage to hiring a designer. Look at this for example, the other day I requested an upholstery quote for a piece of furniture and the price that I got was a little over my budget. So, I asked the lady if I could have a discount and I was told that only interior designers get reductions. I did not tell her I was one, but you get the point. We have advantages that you may not have if you decide to do things by yourself. I am not saying that you will always have discounts but you might have access to certain things that you can only benefit from by hiring a designer. So, play smart, and hire a designer.

2. You will benefit from the designer’s expertise

When you solicit an interior designer, you will enjoy the benefit of hiring a professional who knows exactly what she/he is doing. Whether it’s for color combination, how to choose the right finishes for your job, knowing which furniture layout will be the most appropriate for your home, or even something as simple as which size pillow to buy, you can trust that your designer will be of good help.

The simple fact that we are passionate and experienced at our trade makes us see things with our expert eyes like an average person may not. What you will consider trash can actually be gold. This reminds me of a client I once worked with. She had a couple of things she wanted to trash and really could not see a way around it. Thankfully, I was able not only to repurpose most, if not all of them, giving them a new life but also saving her some money. This is just one of many tricks you can take advantage of when working with an interior designer.

3. Your vision will be brought to life

This is personally one of the most amazing things about interior designers. When clients come to me, they almost always have so many ideas and are confused about where to start or how to make it work. Trust me, I know how overwhelming this can be. I delight and take pride in the challenge of bringing your ideas to life. In general, what your designer will do is gather information from your lifestyle, your preferences, your desires, and your tastes and create magic out of it!

One of my clients said of me that “She was able to turn my vague and not very defined ideas into something clear and precise and the result was beyond expectations.” I can’t tell you how rewarding that is to know that I am able to satisfy you at the end of our time working on your project. In my design process, one of the things I request of my clients is to create a Pinterest board where all their ideas can be gathered. I wrote a blog article about a step-by-step guide on how to create a Pinterest board. Check it out!

I hope these points will help you change your mind and understand how you will benefit from hiring an interior designer. If you would like me to help you bring your dream home to life, please fill out my contact form and I’ll be in touch.

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