Hey! I’m Corine, the interior designer behind Corine Phillips Interiors.

Interior design should reflect your personality, the places you have seen, and the people you meet. Born in Cameroon and fluent in French, I now proudly call the US home. My heritage and life journey have helped me understand our experiences are indicators of the spaces we live in.

While my unique, eclectic sense of style comes from exposure to dynamic colors, vibrant materials, and eye-popping textiles, I am committed to helping you curate a space that embodies who you are and where you have been.

Client Testimonial

“Corine is an exceptionally intuitive interior designer. She quickly ascertained my vision and acted on it. With her help, I now have my dream space!”

Marie Noelle

Drawing on my experience as a safety and health engineer and interior design specialist, I enjoy the thrill of bringing together elegant, comfortable, and functional spaces for a range of clients, both traditionally and in the virtual sphere.

Designing should never be a chore! I revel in adding fun and unexpected elements into the design process.

What I do is so much more than just a nine-to-five. It is a long-held passion that began in my early years, helping friends decorate, refresh and organize their bedrooms! In the years since I have honed my craft to become a mentor that helps people realize their own inner designer.

I consider it a privilege to be trusted with providing welcoming, imaginative, and beautiful design services - with a hint of surprise. Be it contemporary, vintage, or traditional home design, I look forward to making magic with you!